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Via dei Peuceti, 104
70023 GIOIA DEL COLLE (BA) - Italy
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+39 080 512.58.75

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We make companies grow.

our vision

Since 1994 we have been dealing with communication and we operate   in the sector of communication : design, photography, web and installations . Experience, creativity and attention to detail are the true strengths of a project.
We at Studio Graphica have always been committed to ensure that each work has its own precise and specific identity.

our idea

what we believe in

The phase of listening and interpreting the customer's needs

it is an obligatory step for a correct communication strategy. Experience, creativity and attention to detail are the true strengths of a project.

We believe in a communication eco-system that a company/product or service implements to spread its message. A communication strategy must be planned and implemented according to the dictates of the new media.

1. brainstorming

Idea gathering is a creative group technique for coming up with ideas for solving a problem.

the communication process

2. project sketching

By communication (from the Latin cum = with, and munire = to tie, build and from the Latin communico = to put in common, to participate) we mean the process and methods of transmitting information from one individual to another (or from a place to another) , through the exchange of a message elaborated according to the rules of a certain common code. (wikipedia)

3. design & development

4. project delivered

Account Manager di Studio Graphica Pino Tomacchio

Pino Tomacchio

account manager

pino@studiographica.it  |  + 39 333 299.15.40

Art Director di Studio Graphica ALESSANDRO CAPURSO

Alessandro Capurso

senior product designer

I was born in Gioia del Colle (Bari) on 6 September 1970.
In 1990, after obtaining the scientific high school diploma at the Liceo Scientico Ricciotto Canudo in Gioia del Colle, I encountered graphics and visual communication.
Since 1994, I have been a partner in a graphic design studio and a digital printing centre: Studio Graphica in Gioia del Colle. I am passionate about every expression of art (in particular Music and Contemporary Art),
I refined my predisposition in grasping the aspects that went beyond just the image. Contact with the natural and urban landscape has always been my primary source of inspiration.


alex@studiographica.it  |  + 39 392 175.15.94

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